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The Vampire Diaries Inspired Halloween

October 13, 2015

My husband and I went through a binge watching spree of The Vampire Diaries at one point. At the time I found it insanely interesting and all of the characters are strikingly beautiful shady and morally ambiguous people/vampires/werewolves. One of the shadier ladies happens to be insanely gorgeous and stylish. Of all of the characters on the show, if I were to dress up as one of them it would be Katherine Pierce. I made a Vampire Diaries inspired makeup tutorial on my YouTube channel, and put together an outfit on Polyvore.

Katherine wears mostly dark colors which I love. Everyone looks good in black and it’s very flattering on all body types. She typically wears dark skinny jeans paired with black heels, a simple top, (sometimes a pop of color) Β and an edgy leather jacket.

And you can complete this easy Halloween costume with an equally simple vampire makeup look. Β I’m not kidding, it’s super easy and done with all drugstore makeup.

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