Gucci Shoe Dupes

Gucci shoes are where it’s at right now! Everyone (or at least fashion bloggers I see) are always wearing Gucci on their feet. Since they are trending this installment of my designer dupe posts is all about getting the Gucci shoe look on a Forever21 budget. So let’s begin with the Gucci shoe dupes!

Gucci Sneaker Dupes

The classic Gucci sneaker looks great with everything and so do these amazing dupes! These Gucci sneaker dupes range from only $20-$40. Compare that to $590-$730 the original Ace Leather Sneakers cost!

Gucci Slipper & Mule Dupes

Some of my favorite shoe styles are slippers and mules! You can get the trendy look with these Gucci mules dupes. Most of these Gucci dupes are under $30!

Gucci Loafer Dupes

Loafers are a great way to elevate your outfit and these Gucci Loafer dupes are amazing!

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