Lagos Jewelry Alternatives

Looking at my blog analytics I saw that people came across my designer alternative posts by searching “Lagos Jewelry Affordable Options”. So I had to give the people what they want! I had never heard of Lagos but after stalking their website I’m obsessed with their caviar designs. I’m not obsessed with their prices though so here are some Lagos alternatives!

Lagos Alternatives

Signature Caviar Beaded X Bracelet $595-$995 vs. $22.89 Similar

Caviar Gold Bracelet $2,000-$6,600 vs. $14.99 Beaded Bracelet

Lagos Cuff Bracelets $2,000-$9,000 vs. $12.99-$52 Cuff

I found so many caviar bead (or popcorn bead) jewelry on that is similar to Lagos aesthetics. This style looks like it is inspired by Balinese jewelry.

Lagos Jewelry Alternatives | Click Images To Shop!

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