Big Surprise! + Where I’ve Been

I already posted this on my Instagram but in case you missed it, baby Pagán #3 will be joining us in April 2020! We’re just as surprised as you are!

We were in the process of selling our house and moving when I took a pregnancy test, (I had been feeling really tired and wanted to test out the Dollar Tree pregnancy tests since I’ve heard they’re great). It was negative so I figured I was just feeling tired and crappy from moving and eating out so much!

A couple of weeks after we moved into our apartment, I was getting the kids ready for school and got soooooo nauseous. It felt awful! I immediately jumped back into bed and slept all day after dropping the kids off and hoped I’d feel better the next day. NOPE! I felt even worse and had Joel pick up a pregnancy test for me. We have always been VERY careful after we had our first unplanned pregnancy. I feel like I know my body and my cycle very well and we didn’t have any pregnancy scares since having Brayden. (Catalina was planned LOL).

I was pretty confident the test would be negative and just really wanted to find out why I felt so sick. Weeeellll, the test showed a positive immediately. I don’t think we’ve ever been so shocked in our lives! The first trimester always hits me like a truck so I couldn’t even get out of bed for like 3 months… I finally started taking Diclegis (which is AMAZING)!

Ultrasound photo Jessica Linn

It’s been an emotional roller coaster, to say the least. We just moved into a two-bedroom apartment, my blog and Instagram were making me more money than it ever had with multiple sponsorships lined up and increasing page views. I was pretty devastated to take a step back from it all but was too sick to even write emails or pick up my computer. The idea of 3 kids is also pretty terrifying, especially since Catalina is such a handful and still in diapers. So this should be an interesting adventure!

I’m finally off of morning sickness medication but am still struggling with nausea and extreme fatigue even now at 18 weeks pregnant. I’m really hoping to feel more like myself soon and am ready to get some energy back!

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