Manolo Blahnik Shoe Dupes

Manolo Blahnik jewel buckle shoes are some of the classiest most iconic looking shoes! They’re also $900+! If you’re looking to get the Manolo Blahnik look without the price tag, search no further! In this post, I’ve gathered together some of the prettiest Manolo Blahnik designer dupes I could find.

Manolo Blahnik Flats Dupes

These jewel buckle flats are some of my all-time favorite shoes and look so much like the originals. Just look at them!

Manolo Pump Dupes

I featured one of these Manolo Blahnik heels dupes in a previous designer dupes post and it is consistently one of the best sellers on my Like To Know It profile. So I looked around and found more!

Manolo Open Toe Dupes

Manolo Low Heel Dupes

These dupes are also some of my favorites because they look practically identical to the original Manolo Blahniks.

Manolo Block Heel Dupes

A fun heel variation of the classic jewel buckle heels!

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