Designer Bag Dupes On DhGate

I’ve done some separate dupe posts from different brands but figured it might be easier to have a post with multiple designer bag dupes! Dhgate has some of the best dupes I’ve seen. While I haven’t tried them for myself yet Dhgate dupes they have great reviews from people who buy from them regularly.

Louis Vuitton Bag Dupes

LV dupes are the easiest to find on Dhgate. I also have a designer jewelry dupe post that includes LV jewelry dupes!

Gucci Bag Dupes

Gucci bags are also fairly easy to come by one Dhgate. So are the GG belts that I featured in this Gucci Belt Dupes post!

Chanel Bag Dupes

You can find Chanel dupes on Dhgate that have the CC logo as well as quilted leather bags that don’t have it if you prefer that!

Dior Bag Dupes

There are quite a few Dior bags dupes online, there are also some Dior inspired clothing I featured in my Designer Inspired Clothing post!

YSL Bag Dupes

Here are some of the best YSL bag dupes I found, but I also have a YSL dupe post that features YSL accessory & jewelry dupes!

Prada & Balenciaga Dupes

I couldn’t find very many dupes for Prada or Balenciaga bags so included them together!

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More Designer Bag Dupes | Click Images To Shop!

Designer Bag Dupes On DhGate | Linn Style by Jessica Linn

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