Designer Inspired Accessories For Winter

I’ve shared a lot of designer bag and accessory dupes but thought I’d share some designer accessory dupes to keep you warm and stylish this winter!


I found a ton of designer scarf dupes on DHgate and they are super cute! They mostly have Gucci scarf dupes.

Louis Vuitton Scarf Inspired

I’m glad I was able to find a good amount of Louis Vuitton scarf dupes to share! Love the red one for winter!

More Designer scarf dupes, (Chanel, Burberry, Fendi)

I couldn’t find very many other designer scarf dupes but found a couple of Chanel, Burberry, and one Fendi scarf dupe!

Designer Inspired Beanies

Thes aren’t really designer dupes but more designer inspired. The upcycled repurposed designer leathers and fabrics are adorable! So are the embroidered beanies.

Designer Inspired Hats

I love these baseball caps with repurposed Louis Vuitton leather on them! They are so cute! The hats with gold or bedazzled designer logos are super cute too.

More Designer Dupes

More Designer Accessory Dupes For Winter | Click Images To Shop

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