Weekly Wants | Valentine’s Nails, Designer Inspired & More

Oh My Hearts Designer Logos Sweat Shirt & Hermes Inspired T-Shirt

This sweatshirt is so cute for Valentine’s Day! I love the candy hearts and designer logos in it. I’m also living for this Hermes inspired t-shirt! Both shirts are from Etsy.

Mannequin Dress Form

I really want one of these dress forms to style clothes on the take pictures for Copper Bloom. Someday I will have a storefront and will need mannequins.

Monogram Sweetheart Pajamas

These are so cute for Valentine’s Day and I always see people talking about how soft they are.

Gucci Inspired Wall Art

I just featured this artwork in my Designer Inspired Wall Art post and really want it for my closet! My closet is kind of my makeshift office at the moment.

Valentine’s Day Press On Nails

You know I’m a fan of press on/glue on nails. I usually use the Kiss Impress Nails but want to try some from small businesses. If you like press-on nails too, check out my post on How To Make Press On Nails Look Better & Last Longer.

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