Purse Essentials

Just about every lady I’ve met, including myself, always either over packs or under packs their purses.  I can’t count How many times I’ve dug through my purse full of random items. I either forget to pack what I need or simply can’t find it due to all of the clutter.  Well I have made a basic formula for packing purse essentials. Of course everyone’s needs are different, so you may need more or less. But these are the basics that I find necessary any time I go out.

First off, we need a toiletry bag.  Just something small that can hold cosmetic and femine items. This will keep your purse from becoming too cluttered.

Some basics in here are lip gloss, concealer, mascara, and powder, in case you need to touch up.  Many times have I went out without these items, and had my makeup ruined by rain, sweat (eww), or being hit in the eye by my baby, (yeah, it happens often).  Nothing ruins an outing like smeared messy makeup and no way to fix it.  Some other necessities are hair ties, feminine products, and band aids.  I also love these Minimergency Kits that can be found at Sephora.

We also can’t forget a pair of sunglasses, especially with this beautiful weather.  I also never leave home without my phone, (ya never know when you’ll have to Instagram your lunch). And last but most certainly not least, oil blotting paper.  If you don’t suffer from oily skin, (lucky you), then this isn’t a necessity, but for those of us who have reflective oil slicks across our face, they are a life saver.

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