Fall Day

Every fall, the family and I like to have a designated “Fall Day” where we do a few mandatory autumn activities.  We made a visit to Phillips Farm and got lost in a corn maze and then we stumbled through a pumpkin patch.

Boots: Ralph Lauren

Boots: Ralph Lauren

Simply Southern

Shirt: Simply Southern

Go big or go home, is usually my motto when it comes to arts and crafts projects. I went somewhat big last year and just barely pulled it off.

This year, I wanted to go even bigger;

Idea from Pinterest, and what I envisioned.

Idea from Pinterest, and what I envisioned.


What I actually ended up making…

I got to end the day in front of a warm fireplace with tea and a good book that I mentioned in a previous post here.  I also uploaded a little vlog about our day at the pumpkin patch!

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