Play-Doh Session

For Christmas, we got Brayden a big tub of Play-Doh that came with multiple things of doh, and some toys to cut and shape it.  I don’t like mess and toddlers and Play-Doh together can be very messy and little one’s don’t like to clean it up.  They prefer to smash it into the carpet.  I finally caved and told him that if he was good while getting ready for bed, he could play with his Play-Doh.  Little man took a fun bath and was too adorable playing that I immediately had to start snapping photos.

Black and white photography cute baby

black and white photography toddler making silly face

Black and white kid photography

He kept his end of the bargain by getting a bath, letting me wash his hair, and brush his teeth (these can be very difficult tasks with him haha).  So I kept my end of the deal.

black and white photography. Kid playing with Hasbro Play-doh

black and white photography, toddler with hasbro play doh

Toddler photography- Playing with play doh

Let’s add a little color!

hasbro play-doh

Lifestyle photography. Candid photos

Lifestyle candid photography. Linn Style


Lifestyle photography

Even though most of the time consisted of me watching him make pretend food, (I did make a pretty awesome looking Play-Doh pizza though), this was a very special time with my little man.  It was just me and him and I really got to observe the way that he thinks and does things and how consumed he becomes with what he is doing.  When he does something that he’s enjoying he really commits and you can see the concentration in his little face as he works.  I can’t wait to see what he does in the future, I know I know, every parent knows that their child will be the next Bill Gates or a future president but from the moment this little guy was born I have seen so much confidence and a massive attitude that will keep him from letting people walk on him.  He walks up to complete strangers (which is terrifying for me) but also makes me happy knowing that he will not suffer from crippling shyness and social anxiety like I did has a child (and still to some extent haha).  This little 28 lb. guy is ready to take on the world everyday and I can’t wait to see what he will do in the future :).

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