How To Wear a Mini Skirt the Right Way

I am normally not a fan of mini skirts on myself. I just think my butt is too big for them and I always seem to have people be rude to me when I wear one.  I like to wear a lot of loose fitted clothing with tighter pants or skirts so that I’m not completely enveloped in a ton of fabric.  But for some reason, every single time I have ever been confident enough to wear a mini fitted mini skirt I either have girls yelling at me to put clothes on as they drive by or I hear people whispering about my skirt.  I have no idea why, I see plenty of people wear things even shorter than this and never thought anything of it.  They probably deal with the same comments to and either don’t notice or just don’t care.  I constantly strive to be the girl who just doesn’t give a shit if people have a problem with something about me but let’s face it.  I give many shits about what people think of me.  In an effort to feel help myself and any others to feel more confident wearing mini skirts I decided to make a guide on how to wear a mini skirt.  Are you ready?

Step 1.  Put on a mini skirt

Do you feel fab?  Then wear it with whatever shirt, shoes, crop top, jacket, etc. you like.

This cute skirt is now available on and is available in multiple colors.

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