Hyped Products I Want To Try | Trending Beauty & Fashion of 2018

Ya know those trending products that you see everywhere and everyone and their mother seems to be using them?!  These are some products I see all the time but have yet to try.  Everyone seems to like all of these things so I really want to try them out for myself.


  1. Freshly Picked–  Every Instagram mom has a gazillion pairs of these shoes for their babies, even when they can’t walk!  They’re like $60 each!  I mean yeah they’re adorable, but who spends $60 for shoes their baby can’t even walk in?!  I very rarely even have shoes on Catalina and when I do they were probably bought on sale.  I have ordered cheaper moccasins and they won’t stay on her feet and are way too wide, so maybe Freshly picked stays on better and fits nicely (I would hope because it would be awful for them to fall off and lose a $60 shoe).  I might get a pair for Catalina just to see what the hype is all about.  They are pretty darn cute.
  2. L’Oreal Voluminous Lash–  Some of my favorite bloggers use this and their lashes look amazing!  I’ve been addicted to my Maybelline Rocket Volume Express which is amazing, but might give this one a try.
  3. Glossier products–  I always assumed that Glossier was super expensive because it just looks like it is haha.  But I recently found out that they’re relatively inexpensive and I see so many beautiful people on Instagram using it 😉
  4. MAC Whirl–  Ok, this is going to sound crazy coming from someone who LOVES and wears a ton of makeup buuuuuut…. I’ve never tried anything from MAC….  Joel got me some brushes once but that’s it.  Everyone wears MAC, even people who don’t wear a lot of makeup and people particularly like Whirl.  Is that the one that Kylie Jenner wears?  Maybe that’s why everyone likes that specific color.  It does look like the perfect nude though that would suit most skin colors.
  5. Pixi by Petra– I have been seeing Pixi a lot lately.  I got a highlighter and blush pot and a mini lipstick in an Ipsy bag once.  I wasn’t a huge fan of the lipstick but LOVED the highlighter.  I think the brand is now at Target.
  6. Spanx Leggings–  Everyone seems to be wearing these, and ya girl loves leggings.  So leggings that hold everything in and make it look tight?  Im in! Just wish they weren’t $98
  7. Quay Australia Sunglasses–  I’ve been seeing this brand quite a lot too.  They are really cute and pretty inexpensive for sunglasses.  I usually never pay more than $20 for sunglasses though because I usually lose them or the great broken by my 4 year old.
  8. NARS Orgasm Blush–  Another shocking thing that a makeup lover has never tried this blush.  This seems to be everyones go to blush and I hear it’s pretty universal in looking good on most skin tones.
  9. The Tarte Shape Tape Foundation–  I actually really need to try this!  I have been using the shape tape concealer and love it so much so I have very high expectations and hopes for the foundation.
  10. Warby Parker–  I don’t wear glasses but I was prescribed reading glasses a few years ago (and my vision seems to have gotten a but worse since I literally never wear them and spend a lot of time looking at either screens or reading).  Every one has been into Warby Parker glasses so when I get my eyes checked and figure out which prescription lenses I need now I think I will try some Warby Parker glasses. (Hopefully just for reading though)!
  11. MAC Fix Plus– I hear it smells like coconut so I’m down.

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