Top 6 Spring & Summer 2018 Trends

It’s only January but it’s never too early to plan next season’s outfits and keep an eye out for the latest trends. I am happy to see some familiar spring and summer trends such as pastels and florals. I’m also happy to see some of my favorite fall trends (mainly plaid) from last year make their way into 2018.


Lavender is one of the more predictable trends since pastels are typically popular every spring. Millennial pink was the go to color for fall and now it’s predicted to be replaced by lavender. I’m a huge fan of lavender (had it as my hair color for a while), and since my complexion season is spring lavender suits my skin well so I’m looking forward to wearing tons of it!


This is always my favorite trend every single fall, and I’m happy to see it make it’s way into spring and summer! I read that the reason designers are introducing plaid into spring wear is because plaid times are typically investment pieces and should be good to wear year round. I’m on board and fully support this!


Yellow is the first color I think of for summer. Pastel yellow is also what I think of for spring.


Loved this trend in the fall, love it now!

Polka Dot

I can not remember the last time polka dot was a trend, but I’m looking forward to seeing how people style polka dot pieces. Target is always really good with keeping up with trends so I am really excited to see what polka dot pieces they display!

Vintage Floral

Floral is obviously a spring and summer trend every single year but I’m liking that VINTAGE floral is now a trend. This is a look I would typically consider a fall trend but find it really interesting in a spring context.


One last bonus trend I wanted to include is the FANNY PACK! I’m actually really excited about this one and plan on getting my hands on a Rack Addik bum bag!

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