The Summer Bag Trend Everyone is Wearing! Bamboo Wicker Bags

I’m sure by now you have seen the bag that every single blogger is carrying.  You may also remember it from last spring and summer OOTD posts;  the ultra trendy bamboo wicker bag!  I gazed upon my favorite bloggers’ photos wanting these bags but I honestly had now idea what they were called or where to get them.  Now that I’m a seasoned fashion blogger (yeah, sure) and after doing some searching I found that these bags can be labeled under various names such as basket bags, straw bags, rattan bags, and bamboo bags.

Let’s start with the bag that we have seen the most often on Instagram recently.

Bamboo Bag Trend

I believe that the original design was the Cult Gaia ark bamboo bag and it has become so popular that most brands have made their own versions and you can find them anywhere!  From what I can see, Amazon has the most inexpensive options for bamboo ark bags.  I have also seen some really cute versions made out of different colored acrylics!

This bamboo handbag is the cheapest one I found and while I am unsure of the quality it looks identical to others that are 2x-3x the price!  It is only $34.99 for the medium size!

While the bamboo ark bag is the ultimate bag trend of the season, fashionistas everywhere are also accessorizing with these fun spring and summer bags as well!

Wicker Bags

Basket Bags

Pom Pom Straw Bags

All of these styles are hella expensive so I’ve narrowed them down to all of the ones I’ve mentioned that are less than $100!

This whole basket/wood material bag trend has transported me back to the Longaberger days when all of our moms were carrying around adorable mini picnic baskets as purses.


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