Silver Foil Peel Off Mask | Masque Bar Review

Surprise, I’m back with yet another peel off mask review! As you saw in my video about Masque Bar’s rose gold foil peel off mask, I also purchased a silver mask pod!

This metallic silver foil peel off mask from Masque Bar was only $2.99 at Target.  The pod size is perfect for testing out a mask before purchasing the full size. The silver foil peel-off mask and the rose gold mask are part of Masque Bar’s Metallic Collection. The last one I need to try in the collection is the gold foil peel off mask! The Masque Bar masks that I’ve tried so far are much more gentle than other peel off masks that I’ve used and left my skin looking glowy and hydrated. 

You can purchase Masque Bars Metallic Collection here!

The pods cost $3.99 on the Masque Bar website but are $2.99 at Target!

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