The Truth About Amazon Fashion

Like most Americans, Amazon is my go-to for literally EVERYTHING. Need cleaning products? Amazon. Diapers? Amazon. Random biosphere? Amazon.

Now we can even order clothing! As a fashion blogger, this makes me insanely happy. Not only does Amazon sell well know brands, but individuals can become sell on Amazon from their boutiques. However, some of these boutiques are not your small, cute curated shops. Many of them are drop shippers.

Dropshipping has become a very lucrative business on Amazon that very few people know about. Full disclosure, I have dabbled in drop shipping myself. It’s a great way to get your toes wet and gain experience selling products without going into debt or taking out loans to stock up on inventory that you may or may not be able to sell.

What is Drop Shipping?

You may be wondering, what the hell is dropshipping? A dropshipping business sells products straight from the manufacturer to the customer. There is no inventory. A customer orders a product from a store/seller then the store places the order with the manufacturer who ships to the customer.

Why Do I Even Need This Information?

The stores obviously mark up the prices so that they make a profit. Many customers don’t realize that they can order directly from manufacturers like AliExpress and save money since you’re not ordering through the seller who marks the price up.

I have seen so many fashion bloggers sharing their Amazon fashion hauls and links lately. I noticed the products and photos look familiar. A lot of the cheap clothes bloggers are getting from Amazon are literally just being drop shipped from AliExpress! They’re paying $25+ for clothing on Amazon that is just being bought for $6 from AliExpress.

I’m all about saving money and helping my audience save money so I wanted to tell you how the cheap clothing on Amazon is so inexpensive and where you can get the exact same thing for even CHEAPER!

Here are some examples you’ve probably seen!

One thing to note is that sometimes the items on Amazon are Prime eligible since the seller probably has some inventory. AliExpress shipping can take up to one month! So the fast shipping may be worth it to some people to pay more. I personally like to save money and don’t mind waiting. They are the exact same product though!

If you are interested in more information I have a post all about AliExpress on my other blog!

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