Affordable Rain Boots

I have wanted a pair of Hunter Boots for years now. They give me all of the cozy fall vibes. Isn’t that what good branding supposed to do? Transport us to a time and place we want to be? When I think about Hunter rain boots I picture myself frolicking through autumn leaves, (super cheesy, I know). I’m also aware, they’re not the most expensive shoes and I’ve probably spent $150 just on Chipotle this month.

I just can not bring myself to drop $150 on boots, especially when I want to get matching pairs for the kids. #forthegram. This picturesque IG image I have in my mind of jumping in puddles with the kids with our matching boots sent me on a mission to find more affordable options. Amazon to the rescue, as usual.

Here are some stylish rain boots available on Amazon that give you all the crisp autumn feels at a fraction of the price.

Hunter Chelsea rain boots $135+ vs. $25 Amazon boots

Hunter Original Tall Boots $150+ vs. $20-$32 Amazon rain boots

Hunter Short Boot$155 vs. $30 Amazon boots

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