If Vines Were Outfits

I probably say that I miss Vine at least once every day. Short clips that made you cry from laughter. Back when Logan and Jake Paul were hilarious to watch and we didn’t know how horrible they were. Simpler times. While watching some of my favorite vines I wondered how I could share them on my blog, which leads to this weird-ass post. I present to you, Vines if they were outfits.

Starting with one of my favorite vines of all time and what I want to be written on my tombstone:

I’m a Bad Bitch You Can’t Kill Me.

Road Work Ahead.

Another favorite! This road work inspired outfit would make for a fun edgy look to go out or add the traffic cones for a low key Halloween costume.

Scared Milk Grandma.

Simple chic look inspired by this stylish grandma. and her milk.

Scared Ninja Vine.

Don’t mess with this man or his style.

Lady & The Tramp IRL

So sick of cartoons giving false expectations about romance. This vine and it’s many variations gives us a more realistic look at spaghetti dates.

Broom Performance.

This musical masterpiece is electrifying!

Apple Juice Spill.

This baby is hardcore and gives no effs.

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