Michael Kors Dupes on Amazon

I saw that someone ended up on my blog searching for Micheal Kors dupes, so you know I had to find some! I found a brand that has the perfect Michael Kors dupes on Amazon I’ve seen!

Michael Kors Small Crossbody Bag Dupes

I love that most of these small crossbody bags are under $20! And all of them are under $30!

Michael Kors Crossbody Bag Dupes

These larger crossbody bags look sooooo good! I have to keep doing a double-take to make sure they’re the dupes.

Michael Kors Shoulder Bag/ Tote Dupes

These tote dupes also make me do a double-take! I love how simple and stylish they look.

Michael Kors Set Dupes

Michael Kors Wristlet Dupes

Definitely getting one of these to use as a wallet!

Michael Kors Backpack Dupes

I love Michael Kors backpacks but I rarely have a reason to carry a backpack so these dupes would be great affordable options that look like the real thing!

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Michael Kors Dupes on Amazon by Jessica Linn of Linn Style

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