CoverGirl Clean Fresh Skin Milk Foundation Review

I was so excited when I saw the release of CoverGirl’s Clean Fresh Skin Milk Foundation! I quickly went to Ulta and picked it up for $11.99. The idea of a cleaner foundation that is a bit healthier for my skin sounded amazing to me! I also liked that the description says it leaves a dewy finish.

Well, folks. To say that it did not meet my expectations is an understatement. I’m not particularly picky with makeup and typically find ways to make a product work out well enough to get some use out of it. Which obviously didn’t work out in this case, as you can see by the pictures.

In an effort to give the Clean Fresh Skin Milk a fair shot, I made sure to use the same moisturizers and sponges I use with every foundation. This CoverGirl foundation literally would not blend! It collected around my mouth and nose and stuck to some places while not staying put anywhere else. I worked on it for longer than I’ve ever had to work on blending out foundations. Did I mention that it also smells like paint?!

The CoverGirl Clean Fresh Skin Milk Foundation also collected and built up a lot in my eyebrow hairs which I’ve never had a foundation do before. It was also very patchy under my eyes. These pictures are after working tirelessly to blend it evenly all over my face….

I tried wearing it a second time to give it another chance. I made sure to moisturize more in case the foundation was picking up on dry patches. That did not work. I noticed it was just as bad as the first time I used it and even worse, there were little particles in it that collected under my chin that I literally had to wipe off.

Applying it with fingers was a no go as it would still not blend evenly. I even tried a brush, which I never do, and my foundation was still patchy and awful! I’ve never returned a makeup product before but if Ulta’s return policy is anything like Sephora’s where you can return used products that suck, this may be a first since I literally am not even able to use it.

How many times did I write, “literally?” Probably too much.

CoverGirl Clean Fresh Skin Milk Foundation Review by Jessica Linn

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