Hermes Oran Sandal Alternatives

Who else notices that Target brands always make affordable versions of the seasons’ hottest designer shoes? I think they do a pretty dang good job of it too and I love that they bring back designs that were popular in their stores the previous year. You’ll be happy to know that they brought back the Jenny slide sandal by Universal Thread, the crazy affordable Hermes Oran Sandal alternative. I didn’t grab a pair last year but when I saw them on the shelf, (and saw the amazing price of $19.99), I grabbed a pair to wear this spring and summer.

It got me thinking about what other brands have come out with similar Hermes Oran look a likes, which lead to this post.

Hermes Sandal AlternativeA

Steve Madden Oran Alternative

Like Target, Steve Madden always comes out with cute designer shoe inspirations so you know they have an Oran sandal alternative.

Zappos Hermes Affordable Options

Zappos also has their fair share of Oran sandal alternatives. While the cutout slide is only $30 and Greece sandal for $60, Zappos has the more expensive Ancient Greek Sandals Apteros for $220 and Desmos $255 as well as the Alibi sandal for $150. But hey, still way cheaper than Hermes sandals!

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