Valentine’s Day Gifts For Men Who Don’t Like Beer, Beards, or Guns

Every time I look up gifts for men, husbands, boyfriends, etc. all I find is beard oils, gun accessories, or things about beer. Apparently, every website thinks those are “man things.” My husband does not like alcohol or guns and he does not have a beard so none of those gift guides for guys help me. I wanted to make this gift guide for those of you in the same position so here’s my attempt to show you Valentine’s Day gifts for men who don’t like beer, beards, or guns.

Create a DIY explosion scrapbook box with this kit from Amazon!

I love this because it gives you everything you need and you can customize it with your favorite pictures and memories as a couple.

Personalized Guitar Pick

Okay, this one is only cute if your man plays guitar but if he does he will love this! I got Joel a personalized guitar pick with a cute message on it for Christmas and he really liked it.

Mindful Breathing Necklace

Get him a Valentine’s Day gift that will help his mental and physical health! This necklace by Todd and Vanessa Steinberg was inspired by a flute maker who told them about monks breathing techniques. I might get one for myself since it helps slow your heart rate, release toxins, and calm you.

Shower Steamers

Most men I know prefer showers over baths so this is a great gift for them to have a relaxing shower. It’s like a male version of bath bombs.

Funny Valentine’s Stuffed Animal

So I think this is supposed to go to a girl but Joel always thought the creepy sloth memes were funny so I think he would get a kick out of this.

Strawberry Mentos

Joel is not a huge fan of chocolate but he loves pink mentos, (we fight over them sometimes). I’m going to get him this bulk pack of strawberry mentos in place of heart chocolates haha

Teas of The Boston Tea Party

If your man is a history buff then this is such a fun gift! It comes in a set of five different types of teas that were in the chests thrown overboard during the Boston Tea Party. This is another gift I might grab for myself.

Some Steamy Gifts

If all else fails, who doesn’t want some sexy time gifts? Play this game of sexy truth or dare followed up with a massage using this hemp massage oil candle.

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