Father’s Day Gifts For Men Who Don’t Like Traditionally Masculine Things

One of my favorite things about Joel is that he’s not your stereotypical masculine dude. He doesn’t care if he’s perceived as “manly.” He likes what he likes and doesn’t care what other people think. When I look up gifts for men they always contain some variation of beard oil, guns, beer, hunting, etc. Joel isn’t into any of those things so I always found men’s gift guides useless to me. On Valentine’s Day, I wrote a post called Gifts For Men Who Don’t Like Beer, Beards, Or Guns and it got quite a few views. I guess so many other people have a hard time finding gifts for men who aren’t into traditionally masculine stuff too! So I wanted to make a Father’s Day edition. Here are some Father’s Day gifts for men who don’t like traditionally masculine things.

Joel plays drums and some guitar so I like to get him stuff her can use while playing. These birth month guitar picks look so cool!

This glass candy bowl shaped like a ziplock bag is so cool and would look neat in a home office! Joel likes having little snacks while he works so this would be really good for his desk.

My husband loves to cook so I’m getting him this press and measure herb infuser.

For a customized personal Father’s Day gift this Create Your Own Reel Viewer is so fun! You could use pictures of when he became a father with pictures of him with the kids, or the evolution of your relationship into parenthood.

If your children’s father is interested in photography then this solar photography kit is a fun activity that he can also do with older kids.

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