Weekly Wants! Romantic Dresses, Amazon Swimsuits, Car Accessories, & More!

Welcome back to the second installment of my Weekly Wants series, where I share some fun random things on my mental wish list that I want to buy!

Romantic Dresses

First we have these romantic ass dresses! They are so perfect for spring and summer and give such a sweet romantic vibes. The style is a great affordable alternative to a Rachel Parcell dress. It embodies the same romantic style and a more affordable price point. I want this dress in every color! For more Amazon Favorites follow my Amazon store front!

Cute Car Accessories

Next up is this sparkly steering wheel cover. It may be tacky but I love it! I don’t have a heated steering wheel so it gets really cold and a cover would help with that while also adding a little sparkle.

Amazon Swimsuits

I’m super picky when it comes to swimsuits because after breastfeeding three kids, the girls ain’t as perky as they once were. I like to have a lot of support in my swimsuits or they have to cover my chest to hide my droopy cleavage haha. These swimsuits I saw on Amazon look like they might provide what I’m looking for in a bating suit so I want to order them and give them a try!

Cocktail Ring

I was never into jewelry but last year I started getting a bunch of jewelry ads (facebook knows me so well) and I got hooked! I always loved how other fashion bloggers styled their outfits and couldn’t figure out what was missing from my outfits. I realized it was jewelry! Joel and I have been talking about updating my engagement ring so hopefully I’ll have a nice touch of sparkle on my ring finger for our 10 year wedding anniversary 😉

In the meantime I’ve been looking for some cute cocktail rings that look nice but are still inexpensive. I saw some on amazon that I am LOVING!

My Splurge Want

I have wanted a Dior saddlebag since I first saw them! Since then, Dior has come out with so many new bags that I’m loving. I’ve dreamed of collecting designer bags and a couple of years ago Joel got me my first Louis Vuitton bag (I wrote a post about if the Neverfull is worth it)! I added the pastel escale neonoe to my collection last year, then Joel surprised me with a Gucci Marmont this past Christmas. I think the next thing I add should be from Dior 😉

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