Our Favorite Baby Dolls!

Years ago I saw Amber Fillerup post a picture of her kids with their baby dolls and I thought the dolls were so cute! I looked them up and couldn’t believe they were $45. It sounded insane to me. Like how can a baby doll be $45?! what’s so special about it? Welllll, after the first doll came in the mail I totally understood the hype!

These adorable baby dolls are from the French brand Minikane. They sell anatomically correct dolls (male and female) made by Paola Reina in Spain. I ordered both of these from Bohemian Mama. Their faces are hand-painted and beyond precious! Minikane Dolls are made from eco-friendly and non-toxic vinyl and have a subtle vanilla scent to try to emulate a newborn baby smell which I think is adorable.

Minikane/ Paola Reina Gordis are 34cm long so they are easy for babies and kids to hold. Their arms and legs are also articulated so you can move them, sit them up, etc. I love how realistic their eyes look too! Some of them have eyelashes but the two we have do not.

Minikane dolls do not come with clothes so you have to order them separately. The Minikane brand does make clothing for the dolls (even matching doll and kids clothes) but they can be expensive so I ordered our doll’s outfits from Lesya Dolls Shop on Etsy that makes clothing specifically for Paola Reina dolls and they are much more inexpensive. These Minikane outfits are of such amazing quality as well!

Rosa’s embroidered rainbow onesie is from Aliexpress, you can watch some of my Aliexpress baby clothing hauls here! Her cute amber necklace is from Etsy! (Disclaimer: I only let her wear the necklace when she is awake and I am with her. I take it off any time she lays down. Always take it off when your baby goes to sleep).

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