BoxyCharm Review | Is It Worth It?

You’re probably here because you’re contemplating whether or not you should subscribe to BoxyCharm. There are so many makeup and beauty subscription boxes out there so it can be hard to decide which beauty subscription is best for you. BoxyCharm has recently become one of the most popular makeup subscription brands but how do you know if BoxyCharm is actually worth it? So many BoxyCharm unboxings are sponsored and while a majority of influencers only take on sponsorships from brands we love, there are of course people who promote things they don’t like just for the money.

I was subscribed to BoxyCharm for exactly one year. I paid for all of the boxes myself and was never sponsored by BoxyCharm. I also do not have an affiliate link for BoxyCharm so this is a completely unbiased review. After a whole year of trying this subscription service, I wanted to do a thorough review on whether or not BoxyCharm is worth the price and if you should subscribe.

So let’s get into it!

What is BoxyCharm?

BoxyCharm is a beauty subscription box that is sent out monthly. Each box includes 5 full size beauty products. These beauty products range from makeup, skincare, haircare, to beauty tools.

How Much Does BoxyCharm Cost?

BoxyCharm’s base subscription costs $25 a month plus a couple of dollars for shipping. You can prepay up to 12 months ahead for a discounted rate. After your first month, you will get the option every month to choose one of the products in your box.

BoxyCharm has some upgrade options such as their Premium Subscription which is $35 a month plus shipping. (This option comes with 6 full-size beauty products and you get to pick two of them). You can subscribe to both the base box and the premium box at the same time. *You have to subscribe to the base box before upgrading.

You can also upgrade your BoxyCharm premium to BoxyCharm Luxe. This upgrade to Luxe will get you 8 full‑size products every 3 months for an additional $24.99. So the $24.99 will be added to your $35 premium box every three months when the Luxe box goes out.

How Does BoxyCharm Work?

Once you are subscribed you will receive 5 full size products in each box. You can choose to upgrade your box once you are subscribed.

You will take their beauty quiz which has questions about your skin tone, skin type, hair color and texture etc. to help them determine what to put in your boxes.

What Is The Value Of BoxyCharm Boxes?

BoxyCharm’s website claims that the base boxes have an average value of over $175 and up to a $210 value. In my experience I found this to be true which is pretty awesome!

Is BoxyCharm Worth it?

If you love trying new beauty products and $25-$30 a month is affordable for you then I think the base subscription box is worth it. The value of the products in the box is way more than the cost of the subscription so you are definitely getting your money’s worth.

That being said, you don’t get to choose everything that comes in your box, so there will be months where you do not like some of the products. I did not like when my box came with beauty tools like makeup brushes. I always thought the brushes seemed cheap and I never used them. So of course some months were a flop for me but some were really good!

Are You Still Subscribed To BoxyCharm?

I am not, and here a few reasons why.

First off, I found that I had way too many new skincare items and makeup that I wasn’t using. I was getting new products every month and I just ended up with so many products to try that I couldn’t get to them. So I’ve been catching up using them while my subscription is paused haha.

My second reason is, I was not very pleased with my last couple of boxes. Like I said above, there will certainly be flops, not every box will be great so I just wanted to take a pause on it for a little while.

Third, I did not like how BoxyCharm shipping was so late in the month most of the time. I was billed at the first of every month but didn’t receive my boxes until the end of the month. I always wanted to do unboxings and reviews but by the time I got mine, it was so late in the month. I posted a late unboxing once and people were mad at me that it wasn’t current. I watched all the influencers they sponsored have their new boxes immediately and it rubbed me the wrong way that their paying customers had to wait so much longer.

With all of that being said, I will give BoxyCharm a second chance at some point. Once I have more time to film unboxings and try/review new products I want to renew my subscription. Hopefully, they have improved with their shipping times.

The Best & Worst Products I Got In My BoxyCharm Boxes Best


  • Tula Eye Balm
  • Billion Dollar Beauty Sponge (I use it every day)!
  • Natasha Denona Peak Palette
  • Hank & Henry Lipstick


  • Cali Glow Highlight Palette (Came busted up with powder everywhere).
  • Random Rainbow Brush set. They were super cheap and crappy but being passed off as expensive nice brushes…
  • A random mini curling iron that was way too small to do anything. It might work if you have short hair but it was way too small for my hair.

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  • Boxy charm is way way down in my eyes. Its all brand new brands no one knows about so the quality is garbage. No “big brands” as advertised. Its every single girl who wants to have a makeup companies brand shoved into the box as “premium beauty”.

    • I agree. I really liked it at first but they seem to have started goning downhill when I canceled. The prices seemed pretty inflated like they try to make you think its premium lol I’ve wanted to give it another chance but with more I hear about it, I’m not sure I will.