Birthday Pants

My sister have these beautiful shorts to me as an early birthday present and I LOVE them!

They are perfect for summer, not only because of their light colors but because they feel so light making them perfect for hot summer days.

I would describe the pattern as a light tribal print, (but I really don’t know), I just know that I am in love with the pattern. It’s bold and fun, but not too crazy and funky.

Major baby knees going on here. Major baby knees going on here.

Man legs! Man legs!

Mid hair flip. Mid hair flip.

I was pleasantly surprised by these shoes. Literally, every time I wear new shows I get terrible blisters. I wore these all day and didn’t have a single problem. And they were on sale!

PS- Sorry about all of the food posts, I got super busy for a couple weeks and didn’t have my camera, but I am glad to say that Unrestricted Chic is back to being a fashion blog 😉

Top :: Pacsun

Shorts :: Rue21

Shoes :: Forever21

Bracelet :: Forever21

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