Almond Snack

I’ve been trying to eat more clean lately (well on weekdays that is ;)), my biggest struggle is keeping myself from eating Honey Bunches Of Oats (they’re healthyish, but don’t fit into eating clean and paleo diets, unfortunately). I will literally devour two bowls in a row. So I tried to come up with a simple snack to replace it.

I simply take almonds and drizzle then with cinnamon and honey, and add fruit.

I also made my own cereal by grinding up almonds (or you can buy sliced almonds), and adding cinnamon with honey, fruit, and skim (or almond) milk.

Almonds are amazing, not only are they tasty but they are super healthy.

They lower risks of heart attacks.

Lower bad cholesterol.

The assist with brain functions.

They provide healthy fats that aid in weightloss, (also known a a a flat tummy food).

They provide benefits for your skin.

And those are just a few of their multitude of benefits!

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