Cinnamon Almond Latte

Here’s an extremely simple recipe that’s low calorie, yummy, and dairy free!

Ingredients/Utensils ::

Almond Milk



Motorized Whisk or Frother

1. Heat up about one cup of almond milk For 30 seconds, (or until steaming). It may bubble up a bit.

Or you could use a frothing attachment on an espresso machine.

2. Add about 4 tsp. of stevia to the almond milk, (or more if you’ve got a sweet tooth).

3. Use the motorized whisk or frothing machine until the almond milk creates a layer of foam on top.

4. Pour some of the almond milk into your mug, (but be sure not to dump all of the foam).

5. Pour the coffee into your almond milk.

6. Scoop the remaining foam on top of your coffee.

7. Sprinkle cinnamon.

8. Drink Up!

You could even add fat free whipped cream to make it more of a desert drink that still has few calories.


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