Think Pink

I have compiled a small lust list of all things pink that I need (kinda ;)).

A hot pink Micahel Kors purse makes my heart skip a beat, and it’s definitely one of the top items on my list, along with this Anastasia Beverly liquid lipstick.

I have been dying to try some good quality liquid lipstick. I’m pretty new to the lipstick wearing game so I bought a Revlon Color Stay liquid long wear lipstick.  It. Was. Awful! It says that they last for 24 hours… Mine lasted for about 4 hours and not only wore off but started chipping and peeling. Ew… So I’ve been very eager to try some nicer liquid lipsticks.

The Colour Pop eyeshades are so beautiful. I have never tried them but my favorite beauty vloggers use them and they always look stunning, (and they’re only about $5).

I wanted to include some softer pinks in my very pink post for those of us with lighter skin tones. As much as I appreciate hot pink, it simply is not a great color on my very fair skin, so I gravitate more towards lighter pinks and these products are beautiful!

And last but not least, don’t you just love pink and gray together?! I have always loved this color combo. Pink can be very flashy so I love how gray softens it up but still lets the pink be the star of the outfit.

I created all of these look son here is the link where you can find all of these beautiful products!

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