The Makeup Eraser: Remove Makeup With Just Water! (Honest Review)

Hello everyone, like I mentioned in my last post I am beginning to upload to my Youtube channel again! My first video is an honest review of the Makeup Eraser. I have a couple more videos coming up soon but and would love to hear some suggestions for new videos!

I like using Youtube to compliment my blog because there’s honestly only so much personality you can show in photos and text.  There are some bloggers that I didn’t know I liked until I watched their Youtube videos and realized that I really liked them after seeing their personality more fully in a video.  Not that I’m an insanely likable person haha (in fact I’m probably the opposite), but I think that it is more personal to share videos with people and shows them more of who you are as a person, not just a staged photo and some words on a post.

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