What To Wear To A Spring/Summer Wedding

This is something that I used to freak out about so I’m thinking (hoping) I’m not the only one! It’s a fine balance, especially if you are close to the bride, you want to look great but not too great since the bride and her dress need to be the standout obviously. In my book their are 3 rules for how to look your best at a wedding without seeming like you’re trying to upset the bride.

1. Don’t wear white (duh) but I’m surprised at how many wedding photos I’ve seen where a guest is wearing a completely white dress. Not cool man.

2. Don’t wear anything super flashy. It’s the brides day, let her dress be the show stopper for the night.

3. Don’t wear anything that’s too revealing. Basically for the same reasons above, the bride deserves all of the attention for that one day.

I hope none of that sounded too sassy.
I think that simple is the best way to go, either a simple shape, color, or pattern. Nothing too poofy, too bright, too sparkly, or too loud. SO here are some examples and links to what would make the perfect stylish outfit to wear to a spring/summer wedding without looking like and attention seeker (but still looking fabulous).

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