Top 10 Fall 2017 Fashion Trends

Victorian Collars

I’m pretty sure if I was ever a fashion designer, most of my creations would be inspired by historical fashion!  I just love history and trying to understand the time and mindsets of the people who lived then and why they found certain things stylish or attractive.  The victorian collar isn’t a difficult trend to understand though.  I mean, just look at it!  It was stunning in the past and it’s  stunning now.  This is one of the fall 2017 trends that I am looking forward to the most!

Americana/ Western

This fall 2017 trend takes me back to my last day of kindergarten when we had a cowboy themed day and I dressed up as my all time favorite character, Jessie from Toy Story.  Six year old me tried to get people to start calling me Jessie rather than Jessica.  My family still calls me Jessie, but unfortunately it just didn’t stick with most people.  I think this trend is fun and obviously nostalgic but can easily transfer over into tacky with 4th of July vibes.  I suggestion is stay away from flag prints and focus more on the bandana prints with touches of red white and blue.  Cowboy/girl boots too, obviously.  Something I love about fashion is that when I read about new trends, it makes me want to try and wear things that I would have always stayed far far away from.  Cowgirl boots is one one them.  I’m from West Virginia and typically when I think of cowboy/girl boots I think of that old MTV show, Buckwild (a show that displays the worst stereotypes of West Virginians).  But seeing them paired with some classy pieces has really made me see them in a new light and I’m looking forward to trying out this fall trend!


If this doesn’t scream fall, I don’t know what does.  It is so stylish and cozy which are the two words I think that fall embodies the most.


Something cool about the patchwork trend of fall 2017 is that I cans it easily crossing over into the Americana/ Western trends.  Might as well kill two birds with one stone and be twice as trendy 😉


Obviously fall 2017 trends are hitting us with some really intense and bold looks.  While I love shiny things as much as the next person, I prefer small accents of it rather than a full on metallic dress, but you do you boo.  (I do dig the futuristic robotic look on other people though)!  Also fun fact:  I read that as humans, we are evolutionarily attracted to shiny things because it subconsciously reminds of us water.  Which we obviously all need to live.


I know you’re probably thinking “well, doesn’t gold just fall under the metallic trend?”  I thought so too until I searched around for gold outfits and it doesn’t necessarily have to be shiny.  Gold is a pretty standard look I think of when I think of fall trends and outfits, so this makes perfect sense!

Neutral Plaids

Fall.  Plaid.  Duh!  Plaid is pretty much my favorite color, don’t argue with me on that!  I am most excited about this fall 2017 trend although I’m pretty sure that plaid is a trend pretty much every fall 🤷🏼‍♀️


I have seen sheer as trendy for quite a while now, and it seems to be going strong into fall 2017.  I’ll be pregnant/ in postpartum recover through fall so I don’t see myself having the confidence  to wear anything sheer.  I guess I will have to admire from afar…


Another nostalgic trend!  Does anyone else remember the tacky velvet dresses all of us little girls wore in the 90’s?  Or was that actually not a thing and my mom just dressed me badly?  Anyways, I’m really digging the new velvet trend and just bought some cute velvet flats before I even knew it was going to be a fall 2017 trend!  I guess I’m just that trendy huh? 😉 totally joking


Fringe is super cool because it can be dressed up or down and can be anywhere from classy, to edgy, to boho.  So whatever your style is, you can totally rock the fringe trend this fall and winter!


If there are any other trends that you are excited about share them in the comments!

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