Cute Inexpensive Baby Girl Products

Hey everyone!  I’m still super pregnant over here at 39 weeks and really hoping Catalina decides to come soon because this mamma is tired and hurting everywhere!

Thought I’d share with you guys some of my favorite baby products that I’ve purchased!

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Unicorn Lamp–  I found this gem on sale at Target and fell in love with it!  Even if Catalina outgrows it (I doubt it because who ever outgrows unicorns?)  I would find a place for in my my office haha!

Aden + Anais Muslin Swaddling Blankets–  These are so cute and soft I actually packed multiple of them to take in the baby’s hospital bag.

Unicorn Mobile–  I never even considered a unicorn theme for baby girl but when I saw this, all of that changed.  She has a few unicorns on her side of the room at the moment…

Breast Pump–  I bought this pump because it had amazing reviews despite only being on average about $150-$200!  All of the reviews say that it basically gets every drop of breast milk which is why I wanted it.  The pump I had for my son was awful and took so long to pump even just a little so I’m looking forward to having a more efficient one.

Britax Carseat– I wanted most of Catalina’s stuff to be pretty but when it came to a car seat I just wanted it to be the safest I could find and this one has insanely good ratings!

Britax Stroller– We bought this one because it is compatible with our carseat and it is able to be converted into a double stroller (which Brayden loves)! We also bought the extra seat.

Crib– We almost didn’t set up a nursery area since the baby will most likely sleep in our room but after seeing a bunch of cute nurseries online I decided I really wanted to set up a small area.  Brayden and Catalina will be sharing a room so we just set up a little tiny corner of it for her and I love how cute and cozy it is!  We found this crib on major sale at BuyBuy Baby.  It was originally like $799, we got it for $399 (it’s still on sale too)!

Clothes– I love Target!  I wouldn’t mind one bit if my entire house and wardrobe were only Target.  So naturally a lot of Catalina’s clothes are from there.

Bedding– Target as well!  I stuck with inexpensive bedding since she probably won’t be sleeping in her bed very often for the first few months but I still wanted it to be cute.  The brand Cloud Island at Target is beyond adorable (and crazy inexpensive)!

Soap and Lotion–  I prefer to use organic and natural products on my babies for at least the first few months, especially since I don’t know how sensitive their skin is yet or if the have any allergies.  I always get soaps and lotions for them that have lavender since it is calming.

Diaper Cream–  Not an exciting thing on the list but Boudreaux’s Maximum Strength Butt Paste is literally the best diaper rash cream!  It clears things up significantly in one day!

Honest Diapers–  They’re hypoallergenic and they have such cute patterns!  My favorite is this floral pattern.

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