How To Get Messy Beach Waves | Wavy Hair Tutorial

I think it’s safe to say that it is officially summer.  I have been chased by multiple bees and break a sweat every time I step outside.  As many of you may know, I’m not a fan of spring or summer.  I don’t like the heat, I get sunburn, and worst of all- BEES!  The one thing I do LOVE about summer is the beach!  There is nothing like spending a day by the ocean, getting a nice tan (hopefully), and effortless beach hair.  During the warmer months I like to always look like I just came from the beach.  Basically I want to look like a mermaid.  Effortless messy beach waves are my go to hairstyle during the summer.

In this video tutorial I’m showing you how I get my messy wavy summer hair style!  Beach waves look beautifully at any hair length so no matter how long your hair is, you can follow this tutorial and have mermaid-esque beach waves!

To  prep my hair, I used a heat protectant spray.  This is optional but highly recommended to keep your hair from getting damaged.  I keep most of the product on the ends of my hair since it is the part that is the most susceptible to damage.  I avoid applying too much product near the roots of my hair because it can weigh your hair down.

I curl one layer of my hair at a time to make sure that every piece gets wavy.  This also makes your hair look fuller and more voluminous.  Since my hair is naturally straight I use hairspray to keep my hair from straightening out.  Texture spray would be a great additional hair product for this hair style to make it a bit messier.

Watch my Natural Summer Makeup Tutorial to go with your summer beach hair!

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