Interesting Peel Off Masks I’ve Tried Recently!

If you’re subscribed to my Youtube channel, then you are probably aware that I text out a lot of peel off masks. They’re just so fun and easy to review and they have become some of my most popular videos! While I have posted a few of them on my blog, I haven’t shared all of them here. So I thought I’d round up my peel off mask reviews into one blog post so they’re easier to find!

Mask Reviews!

  1. My msot recent review is of the Masque Bar Garnet Glitter Peel Off Mask. It smells amazing but hurts like a b*tch!

2. The Masque Bar Gold Foil Peel Off Mask. As you’ll see, I most of my reviews are of Masque Bar. They come in small single use packages or pods and are really inexpensive. They’re also sold at my second home, Target, so I just always pick them up when I make a Target run…

3. Unicorn Magic Peel Off Mask. I stumbled across this tub of glitter at TJ Maxx and thought it would be great to review! Since everyone is into all things holographic, glitter, and unicorns I kind of had to.

4. Silver Foil Peel Off Mask. Yet another Masque Bar review!

5. Rose Gold Foil Peel Off Mask. This is the mask that started it all. About one month after uploading it I noticed that it was constantly getting views and my subscriber numbers were rising for the first time in forever! It is now my most viewed video, surpassing my Marie Antoinette tutorial that was my most popular video for 3 years. After this video I started doing more mask reviews which have all become some of my top videos. So I’m guessing my subscribers like masks!

Those are 5 of the most interesting masks I’ve tried recently! Don’t forget to subscribe to my Youtube channel and let me know what masks or other products you want me to review!

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