Athleisure Trend & How To Save Money on Athletic Shoes With Purcado

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As a mom, I’m a huge fan of the athleisure trend! Do I have my life together and just finished my daily workout? Or did I just roll out of bed and throw on comfy clothes? You’ll never know. I 100% believe that the most important aspects of a good athleisure look are the shoes! You can never go wrong with Nikes or Adidas but they can be expensive and we like to save money around here so Purcado has become our best friend!

When I make an expensive purchase like sporty shoes, I spend hours searching online for the best price. But with two kids and running two blogs, I don’t have the time which is why I love Purcado. With Purcado you simply type in the shoe you’re looking for and they show you the prices at various retailers to compare! You can save up to 70% off on your favorite shoes!

Athleisure Trend; How I wore it

For this first look, I wanted to wear something I don’t normally wear! This denim skirt is so fun and makes this sporty outfit a bit more fun and flirty. I had to wear my Adidas. I searched Purcado’s site and found so many Adidas styles for 50% off!

Athleisure Trend; How I wore it

My second sporty outfit was your classic fashion blogger athleisure look. Yoga pants, Adidas, t-shirt, and denim jacket.

Athleisure Trend & How To Save Money on Athletic Shoes With Purcado Workout outfit inspiration by North Carolina fashion blogger Jessica Linn. Purcado is a shoe price comparison tool to help you save money on shoes by finding the best price! Jessica is wearing blue yoga pants and a pink fitness top from Target, and light blue Asics running shoes.  You can find Asics on sale at Purcado.

Athleisure Trend; How I wore it

My last look is more of an athletic outfit but let’s be real, I didn’t actually work out in it. I have been living in this sporty outfit since it is so comfortable and I love the blue and pink colors together! I use to be really fit, (ya girl had a 6-pack at one point), and these Asics were always my favorite shoes to work out in. When I fell off the fitness train, I still wore these shoes when I was on my feet all day as a dental assistant. I still wear these adorable shoes with sporty athleisure outfits because they’re so comfortable and the color is so pretty!

Are you a fan of the athleisure trend? If so which look is your favorite?

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