Tory Burch Miller Sandal & Minnie Alternatives

We all know of the classic Tory Burch Miller Sandal. They’re the go-to summer flip flops for women of all ages. While these sandals are timelessly beautiful and last FOREVER, they are not cheap! I firmly believe that the Miller Sandal is worth the splurge but at the price point of $198, I’m definitely not buying multiple colors.

If you’re a fan of the Miller sandal’s iconic look but not the price, then you’ll love these Tory Burch Miller alternatives!

I found Pierre Dumas sandals on Amazon and immediately noticed their striking resemblance to Tory Burch sandals!

I also came across these Report Genie Sandals from Famous Footwear!

These Circus by Sam Edelman are also a more affordable alternative and look similar to Tory Burch Miller sandals!

I also found Tory Burch Minnie alternatives on Amazon by Pierre Dumas for only $25!

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