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I’m not a huge jewelry fan but I’ve always loved Kendra Scott jewelry, specifically her drusy jewelry like the Elisa Necklace and Elaina bracelets, (I have two of the bracelets and love them)! I always pick one up in June because you get a discount during your birth month!

Even though I love Kendra Scott jewelry and they’re fairly inexpensive I don’t always want to spend $60+ for a piece of jewelry when I have kids that always try to wear it! The most inexpensive Kendra Scott pieces are charms that start at $20 and their highest price for fine jewelry is $4,000. That’s a pretty huge price range!

I like to save money on things that my current life situation would probably destroy haha (always wearing cheap clothing since it will inevitably get stained by messy fingers and baby fluids). I put together a quick list of Kendra Scott look-alikes to help you get the look for less!

Kendra Scott Necklace Look Alikes

Similar To Kendra Scott

Similar to Kendra Scott Bracelet

Filigree Look-Alikes

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Kendra Scott Look Alikes by Jessica Linn

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