Dior Bag, Shoe, & Accessory Dupes

More designer dupes for you! I’ve found some great Dior dupes for the saddlebag, totes, and shoes. I also featured some Dior inspired accessories available on Etsy.

Dior Saddlebag Dupe

Love the shape of the Dior saddle bag purses and wallets! These saddlebag dupes look so nice!

Dior Tote Dupe

I’ve seen so many fashion bloggers carrying the Dior tote and came across a blogger who shared her fake bag and it looked identical! Everyone loves dhgate dupes since they are such good quality!

Dior inspired Accessories

Etsy has amazing designer inspired pieces. These Dior woven bracelet dupes look so pretty! There are also so many Dior inspired headbands and Starbucks cups.

Dior Inspired Clothing

I’ve seen some fun tutorials involving the iconic Dior pattern applied to various clothing via iron ons and the results are adorable!

Dior Shoe Knock-Offs

So many cute shoes!

More Designer Dupes!

More Dior Dupes | Click Images To Shop!

Dior Bag, Shoe, & Accessory Dupes

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