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  • Hunter Rain Boots Dupes on Amazon

    I have wanted a pair of Hunter Boots for years now. They give me all of the cozy fall vibes. Isn’t that what good branding supposed to do? Transport us to a time and place we want to be? When I think about Hunter rain boots I picture myself frolicking through autumn leaves, (super cheesy,

  • Lagos Jewelry Dupes on Amazon

    Looking at my blog analytics I saw that people came across my designer dupe posts by searching “Lagos Jewelry Dupes”. So I had to give the people what they want! I had never heard of Lagos but after stalking their website I’m obsessed with their caviar designs. I’m not obsessed with their prices though so

  • Victoria Emerson Bracelet Dupes on Amazon

    I’m sure you’ve seen those beautiful wrap bracelets all over Instagram. I know I have! Many bloggers are promoting the Victoria Emerson cuffs, so I decided to check them out! They are stunning but they’re also $40. While the price is not horrible, the designs looked very familiar to me. I remembered the layered cuff

  • Designer Accessory Dupes on Amazon & Etsy

    It’s been a while since I posted a designer dupes post and I just found a ton of designer accessory dupes on Amazon and Etsy! Amazon has some spot-on designer dupes while Etsy dupes are typically inspired by designer products. Here are some of my most recent dupe finds, (P.S. I apologize if links don’t

  • Baublebar Dupes on Amazon

    Baublebar is aways at the forefront of spring and summer earring trends. Their intricate and elaborate beaded designs capture the eye and imagination. I love spicing up an outfit with statement earrings and Babublebar is the go-to brand for statement earrings. Babublebar makes any outfit look festive and summer ready! Buuuuttt, they can be quite

  • Tory Burch Miller Sandal & Minnie Dupes

    We all know of the classic Tory Burch Miller Sandal. They’re the go-to summer flip flops for women of all ages. While these sandals are timelessly beautiful and last FOREVER, they are not cheap! I firmly believe that the Miller Sandal is worth the splurge but at the price point of $198, I’m definitely not

  • The Best Designer Bag Dupes on Amazon

    I know you all love a good dupe and it’s been a few weeks since I shared some! Without further ado, here are some of the best designer bag dupes available on Amazon! Celine Micro Luggage Dupe The authentic Celine bag will cost you a whopping $2,900 new or $1,000+ for a pre-owned bag. This

  • Valentino Rockstud Pump Dupes

    When I attempted my first fashion blogging venture in 2014, all of the biggest style bloggers were luxurious and avant-garde AF. This small town West Virginian was intimidated every time I sought out fashion and photography inspiration. While my favorites like Trop Rouge, Always Judging, and Lust For Life were killing it in Prada and

  • Designer Dupes on Amazon | Part 3

    I’m so happy to see that everyone is loving these designer dupes posts! i’ve been on the hunt for some of the best dupes and have come across so many. So many, (just on Amazon), that I’ve had to split them up in different posts! Here is part 3 of the Linn Style designer dupe