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The iconic Hermes Birkin bag. Sleek, simple, sophisticated, and stunning. A goal of mine is to be able to own one someday but let’s be real, I will not be dropping $10k+ on a bag anytime soon! Even if I could there are a lot more things I’d rather get for that price. But, if you’ve got Birkin taste but not a Birkin budget you can get the look for less with these Hermes Birkin dupes I found!

Dhgate Birkin Dupes

Dhgate has some of the best designer dupes I’ve seen, and plenty of Birkin dupes! This site has so many dupes of any luxury brand you can think of!


Who knew overstock had designer dupes?!


Etsy is a great site to find designer dupes or designer-inspired products like these designer inspired face masks!

Cordaé also has some Birkin dupes!

More Hermes Birkin Dupes | Click Images To Shop!

Hermes Birkin Dupes | Designer Bag Dupes bu Jessica Linn

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