Designer Inspired Face Masks

Keeping a spare mask in our cars has become a thing we just do. Our new norm. Many states, including NC where I live, have mandated that we have to wear masks when in public. When all of this first started I remember not being able to find masks anywhere! They were all sold out and only a few online shops sold them. Now we can find masks at any store and many people are selling them online. People have gotten so creative and offered some adorable masks including designer inspired face masks!

I found a lot of cute designer inspired face masks on Etsy so you can stay covered while helping support small businesses during this difficult time! I organized them by the designer brand below!

Gucci Inspired Face Masks

Louis Vuitton Masks

Chanel Inspired Face Masks

Fendi Face Masks

Dior Inspired Masks

Lilly Pulitzer, Supreme, Versace, and Hermes Masks

Designer Inspired Masks | Click Images To Shop!

Designer Inspired Face Masks on Etsy | Linn Style by Jessica Linn

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