Faux Fur Coats Under $50

The evolution of the fur coat is an interesting topic. Fur used to be a necessity to stay warm and for trading, then it became more a status symbol. Now even the biggest luxury brands are moving away from real fur in an effort to use more ethical materials. Enter the faux fur trend! I don’t know about you, but I rarely see anyone flaunting real fur coats anymore. Faux fur manufacturers have really mastered the material, so even fake fur can feel and look amazing! Faux fur coats are cheaper and more people feel comfortable wearing synthetic fur. With winter approaching I wanted to round up some of the cutest faux fur coats under $50 that I could find online, and they are super adorable!

Stylish Faux Fur Coats Under $50

These synthetic fur coats look so classic and stylish, they can be worn as an everyday coat as you’re out and about in the brisk winter air. The pearl-embellished coat has 3,700+ reviews and almost a perfect 5-star rating! Pretty amazing for a $28 coat!

Colorful Faux Fur Coats Under $50

The colors of these fake fur coats are so fun! That hot pink coat is stunning and the pastel furs just speak to me. I think the tie-dye faux fur longline coat is my fave!

Patterned Fake Fur Coats Under $50

You know I’m a fan of leopard print, so I had to include some animal print faux fur! Obviously I love the leopard print coat, but that tan and brown coat (I’m assuming a cow print)? Is really calling my name.

Faux Fur Vests Under $50

If you live in a warmer area, fluffy coats may not be ideal but a fur vest can be a cute compromise!

Fancy Fake Fur Under $50

These coats are what I think of when I think of “fur.” These fake fur coats look a bit fancier than the rest. And the faux fur shawls are perfect for fancy events during winter!

Coats With a Pop of Fur Under $50

If you’re not a fan of all-over fur then these parkas and puffer coats might be more up your alley!

Need ideas for what to wear under your faux fur coats? Try some of these graphic tees!

Faux Fur Coats and Vests Under $50 | Click Images To Shop!

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