Where To Buy Designer Dupes | The Best Websites For Dupes


This is where I have found a ton of knock offs, if you type in “purse” you’re sure to come across multiple bag dupes!

Gucci Dupes on DHgate

Louis Vuitton Dupes on Dhgate

Dior Dupes on DHgate

More Designer Dupes on DHgate


Most things I’ve found on Etsy are “designer inspired” but there are also multiple sellers who sell gorgeous knock offs.

Louis Vuitton Dupes on Etsy

Gucci Dupes on Etsy

Chanel, Dior and more dupes on Etsy


Shein is one of my favorite places to find inexpensive clothing. They also carry a few designer shoes and bag dupes.

Dr. Martens Dupes on Shein

Manolo Blanik Dupes on Shein

Valentino Dupes on Shein

Gucci Shoe Dupes on Shein

Golden Goose, Dior, and Chanel Dupes on Shein

Krush Kandy Boutique

These are some of the cutest Gucci belt dupes I’ve seen!

More Designer Dupes | Click Images To Shop!

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  • Hello Jessica, I have a question, when you buy on DHgate does the dupe bags brings the “designer logo”??? Like Christian Dior Bags says Christian Dior in big letter, but on the picture doesn’t say anything, just plain handbag, you know what I mean? Or for example the LV handbags they show the picture as plain brown bag… can you tell me?
    Thank you!!!!

    • Some sellers do sell the bags without the logo but I have seen some that photoshop the logo out of the image for legal reasons but they still come with a logo. I would read the product description really carefully and scroll down to see if there are reviews. Some reviews share pictures so that you can see what to expect! There is also a question section on the product page where you can ask for more details or you can also contact the seller to make sure there is a logo on it.
      Here’s an example of one that has the logo edited out of the picture but when you look at the review images it does come with a logo


  • Shein is one of best fast fashion website to shop for designer dupes. Only issues I have is identifying dupes of other accessories asides handbag.