Where To Buy Mommy & Me Outfits & Jewelry

Before having kids I wasn’t even sure if I wanted any. I mostly did but figured I was young and had plenty of time to decide. Now I’m 27 with 3 kids so things happened a lot earlier and faster than I anticipated! I’ve fully embraced mom life at this point, cheesy matching outfits and all. I LOVE mommy and me outfits, like a lot. When I googled, “where to buy mommy and me outfits” lots of cute options came up but most were hella expensive. I love some of the popular mommy and me fashion brands such as Rylee and Cru and Ivy City Co but some of it is a bit pricy. Here are some affordable mommy and me matching outfit and jewelry brands so you can match your littles!

Pat Pat

I was skeptical about ordering from Pat Pat because the prices are crazy inexpensive. Like, too cheap. I was worried the clothes wouldn’t fit or would be horrible quality. I ordered a couple of outfits and was so pleasantly surprised with the quality! Of course, they’re not going to last forever, but for the price their mommy and me outfits are amazing! They also have matching family outfits that are great for family pictures. I worried that the mom outfit would not fit well but this blue floral romper set I got fit me perfectly and was true to size. The fabric is also so soft and comfortable. Can’t forget the dads either! Pat Pat has cute daddy and me outfits.


No mommy and me matching outfit is complete without matching jewelry! This cute mother-child necklace set is so precious! I think it symbolizes motherhood perfectly! Having kids feels like a piece of your heart is living outside your body. Brayden and Catalina have loved wearing a “friendship” necklace with each other and me like we’re all connected with it. A huge thanks to oNecklace for sponsoring this post!


Etsy has some adorable mommy and me outfits at affordable prices! I definitely want one of these matching robe and baby blanket bow sets when I have another baby! I found this cute Etsy shop called Tiny Tots Kids and they have so many matching mommy and me dresses, leggings, jumpsuits, sweaters, pretty much anything! They also have some matching stuff for dads.


You can get anything on Amazon, why not mommy and me outfits?!


Aliexpress has a lot of matching family outfits but quality can be hit or miss and shipping takes FOREVER! Just make sure you read the reviews and you can find some great mommy and me matching outfits for so cheap!

Old Navy

While Old Navy doesn’t have perfectly matching mommy and me outfits they do have a matching family section with coordinated clothing for the whole family! If you’re not into the cheesy identical matching then this is a great way to coordinate family outfits that go together without being too matchy.

Sparkle In pink

Okay, Sparkle In pink is a little too matchy for me but I did find some cute stuff that I would wear to match with the kids! I know a lot of people would love these cute matching sets!

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