Amazon Prime Gifts For Your Minecraft Loving Creative Kid

My 7-year-old son LOVES Minecraft. He is super creative and loves building and designing things with any materials he can get ahold of. Here are some awesome gifts that your kid who loves Minecraft will be so excited to open!


The obvious gift for a creative kid is Legos. Even better, Minecraft Lego sets! Brayden loves getting these!

Minecraft Dishes

What kid doesn’t like having their own personal dish set with their favorite characters on them?! This fun Minecraft dinnerware is the perfect little gift for Minecraft lovers.

Minecraft Props

Brayden loves his Minecraft swords and pickaxes so this pixelated Minecraft sword is sure to be a hit for any other kid who loves playing Minecraft!

Minecraft Backpack

We are currently homeschooling but when Brayden was in school he always wanted a Minecraft backpack and lunch box and this cute Minecraft set will make a great gift!

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