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Beaded earrings can be pretty expensive! Of course, the details are so beautiful and intricate, I understand why they can cost quite a bit. But I think fashion should be accessible for everyone and firmly believe that everyone deserves to feel their best no matter what their budget is. My designer-inspired posts are some of my most popular and it makes me so happy that I can provide a resource for people who want to look boujee on a budget! Here’s a post on Where To Buy Affordable Jewelry!

Beaded earrings are my go to for spring and summer and I’m always up for saving some coin so I searched the internet for beaded earrings with a Baublebar vibe but with a cheaper price tag! Here’s what I found!

Outfit Details: Beaded Earrings // Chain Lock Necklace // Dress

Baublebar actually has an affordable line available at Target called SUGARFIX by Baublebar! It’s the same Baublebar style at a lower price.

SugarFix by Baublebar Earrings

SugarFix by Baublebar Necklaces & Bracelets

Beaded Earrings On Amazon

Amazon is my go-to for inexpensive jewelry! . There are so many cute affordable beaded earrings that come in a rainbow of colors! I’m always updating my Amazon Storefront Page with affordable fashion and jewelry, so be sure to follow me there!

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