Amber Fillerup Look For Less

Amber Fillerup aka Barefoot Blond is one of the first fashion bloggers I ever followed back in 2014. I’ve always loved her ever evolving pictures and style. Her style changes through the years just like we do as people and it’s so cool to watch someone’s style change throughout the years you’ve followed them.

Her current style gives me very much free spirit, boho, crunchy vibes. Lot’s on linens and earthy tones. It’s all very serene and effortless. I love the look of linen clothing and her overall vibe and while she certainly does share more affordable outfits, (I love these linen slip dresses she wears and needs to order them for summer), a majority of what I’ve seen her post is from stores like Free People, Anthropologie etc. I wanted to find some clothing that emulates her natural effortless style but at a lower price point.

Workout Style

Let’s start with Amber Fillerup’s workout style! She always wears the cutest workout outfits and these affordable athletic clothes remind me of her style and what she wears in her workout videos.

These yoga pants and biker shorts look like the muted colors and fun patterns that Free People and Anthropologie carries!

Amber Fillerup is in great shape and always wears stylish crop tops to workout and show off her insane abs!

Effortless Earthy Tones

I love the earthy natural colors she wears and when she matches her outfit to her linen bedding. It’s so cute!

Casual & Flowy

Straight / Flare Pants

Funky Jewelry

She wears a lot of pieces from Brinker and Eliza (which I love) but some of their pieces are well over $100. SugarFix by Baublebar at Target has some cute jewelry that has a similar style!


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